Shane Broadwell called the meeting to order at 10:02 a.m.


Motion to approve: Joe Fiumara

Second: Paul Stewart

Vote: Unanimous, motion carried

Insero CPA introduction

Rich Mitchell introduced Duane Shoen from Insero & Co. He's putting together a draft of the

Application for Exemption form and Power of Attorney to get submitted to the IRS.

Old Business

  • a. Review of property maintenance quotes

Home Inspection Services:

Dan Stevens will obtain sample comprehensive reports from GTB Inspection Services and Cutro

Professional Inspections and email to board members.

Motion to accept Cutro Professional Inspections and GTB Inspection Services: Dave Turner

Second: Dave Domicolo

Vote: Unanimous, motion carried


Motion to accept Valley Locksmith: Jim Dowd

Second: Justin Rudgick

Vote: Unanimous, motion carried

Property Maintenance:

Motion to accept Mid State Lawn & Tree Service and Chase Enterprises: Paul Stewart

Second: Dan Farfaglia

Vote: Unanimous, motion carried

Property Removal:

Motion to accept Butler Disposal Systems: Marty Webster

Second: Paul Stewart

Vote: Dave Domicolo opposed, motion carried

Discussion: Dave Domicolo believes there needs to be better clarification on what is expected

with regard to property removal. Dave Turner mentioned that clarification would have to be on a

case-by-case basis depending on the condition and contents of the property. He suggests getting

pricing on the removal of personal belongings to storage as well.

Handyman Services:

Shane Broadwell suggested holding this open in order to expand the RFP.

Motion to table Handyman Services to next meeting: Dave Domicolo

Second: Dave Turner

Vote: Unanimous, motion carried

  • b. Review of website/logo proposals

Motion to accept Step One Creative to create website: Justin Rudgick

Second: Paul Stewart

Vote: Unanimous, motion carried

Discussion: Dave Turner mentioned that before we make an official award we need to get a

timeline on when they can get this up and running.

Motion to accept Mohawk Valley GIS to create logo: Steve Gaffney

Second: Dave Domicolo

Vote: Unanimous, motion carried

Discussion: Joe Fiumara suggested we get a timeline and coordinate with Step One for the

website before signing a contract. Justin Rudgick mentioned we also need to confirm the quoted

price for logo only.

  • c. Staffing: job description and pay rate

Included in the accepted LISC Grant are startup funds for staffing. Shane Broadwell suggested

we take pieces from a few job descriptions and tailor to our specific needs. Justin Rudgick

suggested perhaps hire an office manager as a stepping stone. Shane Broadwell would like to

reach out to other Land Banks to see how they began. Dave Turner mentioned that Katelyn

Wright, the Executive Director of the Onondaga County Land Bank, will be coming next month

to speak about lessons learned and answer questions. The title and job description needs to

clearly reflect our expectations (from going to properties with inspectors to applying for grants).

  • d. Public Authorities Training update

Mail certificates to Phil so that he knows who has completed the training. It’s a requirement so

please check the website for the next available training session.

New Business

  • a. City of Oswego grant – Justin Rudgick

166 properties identified as vacant. Took those and looked at ORA zones in the city of Oswego

to make investments where investments are happening. City has applied for its own LISC grant

and came up with strategies on how the city would use the $150,000. (1) Target homeowners at

risk of foreclosure and how to get them connected to resources. (2) Host a bank summit with

local financial institutions. (3) Expand capacity of Community Development Office and Codes

Enforcement Office. (4) Partner with Oswego County Land Bank to demolish two vacant

structures identified in the city of Oswego. (5) Update mapping technology, software and

equipment. (6) Develop innovative local matching grant program to stimulate reinvestment.

  • b. Fulton tax property list

Joe Fiumara reported the City of Fulton has met on inclusion in two different roles (county's tax

foreclosure process and land bank). City of Fulton is adamant on making city whole on school

taxes. Rich Mitchell will send city of Fulton a draft agreement on tax foreclosure process.

Mayor and City Council will make that final decision.

City of Fulton would like to be included in Land Bank. They did submit a LISC grant asking for

$150,000. They are the agent in Oswego County to handle the HOP (Homeownership Protection

Program) to keep people in their homes. Grant will help build on those efforts. Updating code

enforcement software and staff to deal with zombie and abandoned properties in the city of


  • c. Rich Mitchell is looking for the status of the $50,000 grant from city of Oswego. He sent draft

agreement in late June. Justin Rudgick will follow up with city attorney.

d. Insero & Co. worked on the 501c application for the IRS and needs authorization and signature

on Power of Attorney.

Motion giving Land Bank President authority to sign Power of Attorney: Marty Webster

Second: Joe Fiumara

Vote: Unanimous, motion carried

Rich Mitchell circulated a draft budget that Insero & Co. has prepared.

  • e. Marty Webster informed the board that the 6 properties approved by the Land Bank will be

going to Government, Courts Consumer Affairs Committee. Rich Mitchell mentioned that once

transferred, the Land Bank needs to insure the properties. Shane Broadwell suggested we

discuss insurance at the next Land Bank meeting. Also need to discuss an RFP for surveyor.

  • f. Dave Turner and Rich Mitchell have looked at agreements with the National Community

Stabilization Trust. You can purchase properties through them or take donations. Worth looking

at to see if there are any the Land Bank would be interested in acquiring through donation. Not a

swift process but worth looking at.

  • g. Dave Turner mentioned there are potentially 3 more grants available in the next few months. One

is for rental units. Their goal is to find local responsible landlords interested in rehabilitating and

maintaining to affordability to local residents. The other two are bank settlements. More details

will follow.


Motion to adjourn: Steve Gaffney

Second: Paul Stewart

Vote: Unanimous, motion carried

Meeting adjourned at 11:55 a.m.

Meeting Minutes
August 26, 2016

Leg. Shane Broadwell
Joe Fiumara
Vice President
Rich Mitchell
Oswego County Attorney
David Domicolo
Leg. Dan Farfaglia
Justin Rudgick
Paul Stewart
David Turner
Marty Webster
Jim Dowd

Phil Church

Leg. Milferd Potter
Dan Stevens
Purchasing Director
Duane Shoen
Insero & Co.


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1.     Call to Order/Roll Call

2.     Minutes

3.     Insero CPA introduction

4.     Old Business

a.     Review of property maintenance quotes

b.     Review of Web site /logo proposals

c.     Staffing: job description and pay rate

d.     Public Authorities Training Update

5.     New Business

a.     City of Oswego grant - Justin

b.     Fulton tax property list

6.     Adjournment

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August 26, 2016

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