Shane Broadwell called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.


Motion to Approve: Steve Gaffney

Second: Paul Stewart

Vote: Unanimous, motion carried

Oswego Renaissance Model

Paul Stewart gave a presentation on market strategy using the city of Oswego's Renaissance Association

as a model. Oswego County has a weak market demand and people that are here are losing confidence to

stay. Having just one blighted property on one block has a 21.6% reduction in market value on all

properties on the block. Strategy to deal with this - where does it make the most sense to intervene

when you have limited dollars? Market intervention - identify and target middle market areas where

homeowners are still there but are starting to decline. They have assets but are at risk. Start in the

middle and work out to stabilize and grow. Rank and prioritize properties that are draining the most

market value from nearby properties. When you focus on the middle market and give people a reason to

invest, the result is remarkable. The model shows people started moving back into those areas.

Mission Statement

State requires a mission statement. Phil Church provided two samples. Will work on the language and

take some from each sample and email it to everyone and bring it back next month to finalize.

Note - Marty Webster's email is

Informational Meeting for Local Governments

Shane Broadwell – We need towns/villages to inventory – talk about code, talk about zoning. Do we set

up something that we invite all the towns to talk about this on a broader view? Dave Domicolo

responded we need a plan first. Shane Broadwell - This is a partnership and in time we'll need to

somehow get this to spread. Justin Rudgick mentioned that we need to carve out time and dedicate how

this plan looks and how we're going to apply the methodology before we go out to the communities.

Marty Webster talked about increasing communication. We should have a clear understanding on the

term “zombie property” (a property that is stuck in the foreclosure process and the bank is not moving -

title has not been transferred). If you see a property that fits this title, email him that address. We need a

database of these properties. Shane Broadwell - that will happen in time when we build communication

with the towns.

Tax Foreclosure and Auction

Fred Beardsley explained the foreclosure and where the county is in the process. 600-800 notices go out

in October. By auction date the list is reduced to approximately 100. Shane Broadwell – This gives the

Board a lot of work to do in a fairly short amount of time. If we identify properties that fit the model, the

Land Bank could acquire these properties before they go to auction. Shane will have to go to the

Government, Courts & Consumer Affairs Committee with a list of properties for the Land Bank. Jim

Dowd suggests looking at the full list to build a strategy. Marty Webster cautions against the Land Bank

looking at the full list because of the size and getting in peoples personal business because most won’t

be going to auction. He feels it would be a waste of time. Jim Dowd - the list could help us look at

pockets of areas. Shane Broadwell - going back to the model - if we have a property identified in a

certain target area, we can put that on the list. Dave Domicolo - have to make sure we agree on what the

model looks like. Justin Rudgick - we need to focus on transitional areas, not the hard hit areas. Fred

Beardsley mentioned the list is also going to be cut in half by vacant land, etc. Shane Broadwell - This

will be a great part of the process on the inventory the county will have. Fred Beardsley noted the

Treasurer's Office is not opposed to moving auction date to coincide with legislative meetings.

Mandatory ABO Training

Phil Church - everyone is required to take public authority training available online or Rich Mitchell

suggested possibly getting a quote on a trainer to come in to do training with the Board. Rich will report

back. If you’ve already completed the training, please get us a copy of certificate to have on record.

Tax ID/CPA/Bank Account

Phil Church - PARIS Reporting - We would like a CPA firm to do our reporting. Rich Mitchell will

RFP a CPA for us, Tax ID/bank account is in process. State filing in place, we are a legitimate


Solid Waste Cost Credit

Phil Church - Requesting $75,000 disposal credit at our solid waste facilities. There are two ways this

can be achieved. One way is the Infrastructure Committee can grant this. They can approve waivers on

a case-by-case basis. That decision would be solely up to Infrastructure Committee. The other way is

the Legislature could adopt a tipping fee schedule, with a waiver for the land bank. That would be

approved by full Legislature but once it's done it doesn't have to be approved by the Infrastructure

Committee on a case-by-case basis.

Dave Turner – We need to develop a plan to predict in order to apply for attorney general funds and

other sources. There is a software system to manage properties (ePropertyPlus). Costly program ($30K)

but gives us a presence that a website would. It's publicly accessible and gives us the transparency

required by the budget office. It would help us to manage properties easily. Paul Fiumara - This would

be a great tool given we're going to have time constraints getting properties. Shane Broadwell – There is

an Association of County Land Banks. This is a great pool of resources. Have we talked about joining

or getting paperwork? Dave Turner responded that we were waiting for state paperwork to be finalized

and to have money to join. Jim Dowd - this looks great on the website but seems like an incredible

investment when we're just getting on our feet. Dave Turner suggested we invite the Chair of New York

Land Bank Association to a meeting and talk to us about this and other important items.

Draft Logo Discussion

Dave Turner – Rich put together a basic logo. We can do this in-house or go outside. Should be

representative of who/what we are and easy to understand. Phil Church - do an RFP asking for price and

one or two concepts. Prefer logo that does not try to incorporate county or city seal. Creates confusion.

Motion to create RFP and issue it for Land bank: Phil Church

Second: Marty Webster

All in favor

Land Bank Web Page

Need to define what the website needs to include. Paul Fiumara - we are required to keep financials, etc.

on the website.

Motion to do RFP for website design: Phil Church

Second: Dave Turner

Vote: Unanimous, all in favor


Motion to adjourn: Phil Church

Second: Steve Gaffney

Vote: Unanimous, motion carried

Meeting adjourned at 12:50 pm

Leg. Shane Broadwell
Joseph Fiumara
Vice President
Philip Church
Justin Rudgick
Leg. Daniel Farfaglia
David Domicolo
Paul Stewart
Marty Webster
Dave Turner
Steve Gaffney
Jim Dowd

Rich Mitchell
Oswego County Attorney

Fred Beardsley
Oswego County Treasurer

Debbie Groom
Oswego County Weeklies

Seth Wallace




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1. Call to Order/Roll Call

2. Welcome to new board members

3. Minutes

4. Oswego Renaissance model – Paul Stewart

5. Mission Statement discussion

6. Develop and schedule informational meeting
   for local governments about Land Bank

7. Tax Foreclosure and Auction discussion

8. Mandatory ABO Training

9. Tax ID/CPA/Bank Account

10. Solid Waste cost credit

11. Draft Logo Discussion

12. Land Bank Web Page

13. Adjournment

June 23, 2017

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