Shane Broadwell called the meeting to order at 9:02 am.


Motion to Approve: Dave Turner

Second: Dan Farfaglia

Vote: Unanimous, motion carried

Treasuser's Report

Jim Dowd reported accounts are reconciled through September.  He also discussed the statement of activity and the revenue and costs.  The largest costs have been associated with demolitions.  

Kim Park added that with the Enterprise grant, the requirement is 80% be affordable to 100% of the AMI for Oswego County and we are held to a 15% cap but they are willing to fluctuate.  

Jim also discussed the 2018 preliminary budget.  He and Kim are working with Duane Shoen on getting the budget into Paris by October 31st. There will be 18 rehabs and 4 demos.  Kim added that with the rehabs and 15% cap and unreserved stock, the numbers are conservative. Demolition costs are hard to figure.  They will also be work on balance sheets as well as the need to reflect income and expense (tipping fees, etc.)

Motion to accept 2018 preliminary budget: Dave Turner

Second: Joe Fiumara

Discussion: Steve Gaffney asked about late fees.  Kim responded that things are crossing in mail from when we accept county properties and when water bills and taxes are due.  Would be good to get dates figured out going forward.  Shane added that the Land Bank Association is looking into legislation towards this issue. Vote: unanimous, motion carried.

Committee Reports

a. Audit – None.

b. Finance Committee – (covered under Treasurer’s Report)

c. Governance Committee –  None.  

d. Property Committee –  Dave Turner reviewed 3 potential acquisitions offered by city of Oswego.  All are potential rehabs with no significant investment.  Discussed further under ‘New Business’ below.

Director's Report  

Property updates – Kim Park distributed and reviewed the inventory list of properties.  The proposal that was accepted for 112 Center Street in Cleveland has been rescinded. Dave Turner added that there is a potential liability with regards to trees overhanging and possibly falling over on the neighbor’s property.  He suggests having an assessment done on having one or more trees removed.  Rich Mitchell also suggested getting a survey and stakes done on boundary to see where trees are on the property as well as having Joe Chairvolotti from Oswego County Soil & Water to go and assess the situation.   Dave Turner will contact Joe.

Jim Bell asked about using the MLS to help move properties and possibly having a licensed real estate agent work with the Land Bank.  Kim added that she had reached out to the Greater Syracuse Association of Realtors and has 3 people interested.  She will set up a meeting with Property Committee as well as reach out in the Pulaski area.  Jim also suggested we solicit bids for listing agents.  

Upcoming Properties in Fulton –  

12 N. 5th Street - contract has been signed; NCST is doing title work.  

552 W. 3rd Street S. - waiting on paperwork; Rich Mitchell has title from Dennis Hawthorne.  

154 N. 7th Street - waiting for abstract to be brought up to date.  


a. Enterprise – had last quarterly report. Put in for small draw for rehab in Fulton. Also had an update regarding 15% cap and they don’t want to keep property values artificially low.  

b. Financials – see Treasurer’s Report.  

New Business

a. New properties – donations from City of Oswego:  

28 Ontario Street

249 W. 7th Street

118 E. 4th Street

Jim Bell added that these properties all fit the criteria for good rehabs. West 7th is a relatively minimal investment with minimal return but a quick mover.  Ontario Street has a lot of potential. 118 E. 4th is nestled between owner-occupied.

Motion to accept 28 Ontario Street, 249 W. 7th Street and 118 E. 4th Street in Oswego contingent upon Oswego Common Council approval: Jim Dowd

Second: Steve Gaffney

Vote: unanimous, motion carried

138 West 3rd Street in Oswego was originally slated for demolition. Demolition costs plus tipping fees etc. would have been approximately $10,000.  Received a proposal from Brian Klefbeck for $5000 purchase with a list of improvements to rehab and will be finished within 1 year.  Land Bank is responsible and in the process of removing contents.  

Motion to accept $5000 proposal from Brian Klefbeck with note to include terms of enforcement mortgage: Joe Fiumara Second: Dave Turner

Vote:  unanimous, motion carried

b. Demolitions

154 N. 7th property in Fulton and 112 Center Street in Cleveland

Motion to accept Bronze Contracting LLC to demolish 154 N. 7th Street in Fulton for $10,900.00:   Dan Farfaglia

Second: Joe Fiumara

Vote:  unanimous, motion carried

Motion to accept Bronze Contracting LLC to demolish 112 Center Street in Cleveland for $11,900.00: Steve Gaffney

Second:  Marty Webster

Vote:  unanimous, motion carried  

c. Website

The contract with StepOne Creative will be expiring at the end of October.  The monthly fee will double if StepOne continues to host and update the website as well as manage social media accounts.  

Kim received a proposal from YourProfit Web for $150 initial setup fee and $175/month (no contract) to host, manage and update including integrating social media accounts. Dave Domicolo added that it would be helpful to add a link to town webpages.  

Motion to accept YourProfit Web: Marty Webster  

Second: David Domicolo

Discussion: Dave Turner asked for references of other work they’ve done.  Jim Dowd added the need for regulatory compliance. He also suggests an internal audit to look at requirements to see where we stand and what we might be missing.

Vote:  unanimous, motion carried

Next meeting – November 17th at 9:00 am.


Motion to adjourn:  Dan Farfaglia

Second:  Joe Fiumara  

Vote:  Unanimous, motion carried‍‍‍‍‍‍

Meeting adjourned at 10:25 am  


Shane Broadwell

Kim Park

Joe Fiumara

Steve Gaffney

David Turner

Jim DowdRich



Dan ‍‍‍ Farfaglia‍‍‍

‍‍‍David Domicolo

Philip Church
Pual Stewart

Matt Reitz, Pall Times


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November 17, 2017

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