Change 'Paul' Gaffney to 'Steve'.  
Property cited was East 9th not East 11th street property.

         Motion to approve:  Paul Stewart

         Second:  Steve Gaffney

         Vote:  Unanimous, motion carried

Old Business

  • a.     Update of vendor selections – Metwith a property maintenance manager and locksmith. Locks have been changed. Also met with the property inspector. They’ll be going to all 6 and report back.
  • b.     Update on properties - Some yard maintenance has been done on the East 9th Street property.  Work is stopped for now until decisions are made on what will be done with the house.  Pathfinder Bank would like to move forward on the 25 Church Street property. Once we get title document from Pathfinder we can start the process.
  • c.     Logo design review – Dave Turner distributed logo design options for the board's review and approval.

         Motion to approve option #1 with door: Paul Stewart

         Second: Dave Domicolo

         Vote:  Unanimous, motion carried

  • d.     Update on web site – Shane Stepien came up with a format similar to Chautauqua County Land Bank. A meeting will be scheduled with him next week to give him more direction now that the logo has been decided on.  Will send out to board members for a consensus so that we can get the website up and running.
  • e.     Executive Director job description – Phil Church distributed a compilation of sample job descriptions.  After discussion on manager vs. executive director, it was decided to advertise for executive director and salary will be decided at next meeting during executive session.   Dave Turner volunteered to add his name and phone number to take calls from candidates with questions.

Motion to move to advertise for Executive Director: Dave Domicolo

Second:  Paul Stewart

Vote:  unanimous, motion carried

Paul Stewart left at 11:00 am.

  • f.      Personal property disposition

   Rich Mitchell sent notices – received some back as undeliverable. Once the inspector comes back with the report on all properties, we'll determine what possessions are left and will proceed from there on the disposition of personal property.

  • g.     Report on request for County to waive disposal fees for condemned town or Land Bank-owned properties

Shane Broadwell reported the county Infrastructure, Facilities & Technology Committee approved a 50% reduction in fees (C&D and ACM) on Land Bank-owned properties. Would like to discuss next month the need to incent municipalities to do more.

New Business

  • a.     Land Bank Conference attendance

Dave Turner encouraged board members to attend the next Land Bank Conference if possible. Shane Broadwell and Dave Turner will attend.  Dave will report back either by email or at next meeting.

  • b.     City of Oswego – Zombie Grant award

Justin Rudgick reported the city of Oswego has received a $150,000 LISC grant they will be using to address vacant and abandoned zombie properties.  Part of the grant is to enhance their capacity by creating a database of vacant properties. Next meeting he will share the list of properties the city has identified and make recommendations to which properties the Land Bank might accept as donation or pay for improvements. Marty Webster suggested noting the city-owned properties that have gone through the tax foreclosure process.

Frank Castiglia reported on city of Fulton council meeting with regard to Fulton taking part in the Land Bank.  Shane Broadwell suggested meeting with Fulton mayor to clear any misunderstandings they might have regarding the role of the Land Bank. Dave Turner is in the process of putting together a workshop for municipal leaders, code enforcement officers, etc. in an effort to educate people on how land banks work.

Shane Broadwell distributed sample of  RFP from Syracuse Land Bank with regard to demolitions.  Will be working with Dan Stevens on forming our own RFP and will email it to board members for feedback.  Phil Church suggested authorizing issuance of RFQ.

Motion to move to get Request for Qualifications:  Dave Turner

Second: Phil Church

Vote: unanimous, motion carried

Dave Turner reported on an opportunity to apply for community-wide Brownfield Program funds. If the board is interested, he will have the Planning Department begin work on the application. No local cost.  This program would give the Land Bank funds to do assessments and remediation.

   Motion to give letter of support to endorse application: Marty Webster

   Second: Steve Gaffney

   Vote: unanimous, motion carried

Dave Turner shared an idea from Cleveland, Ohio where they had a competition to develop art work on vacant property to create small parks in various neighborhoods (sculptures, murals, benches, etc.).  Justin Rudgick suggested considering looking at the Shineman Foundation for potential funding as well. As a non-profit we can apply for all kinds of funding opportunities.


         Motion to adjourn:  Dan Farfaglia

         Second:  Dave Turner

         Vote:  Unanimous, motion carried

Meeting adjourned at  11:50 am

Leg. Shane Broadwell
Philip Church
David Domicolo
Paul Stewart
Steve Gaffney
Justin Rudgick
Leg. Dan Farfaglia
David Turner
Marty Webster
Rich Mitchell

Jim Dowd
Joe Fiumara

Leg. Frank Castiglia
Dan Stevens, Purchasing Director

Seth Wallace

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1.     Call to Order/Roll Call

2.     Minutes

3.     Old Business

a.     Update of vendor selections

b.     Update on properties

c.     Logo design review

d.     Update on web site

e.     Executive director job description

f.      Personal property disposition

g.     Report on request for County to waive disposal
       fees for condemned town or land bank- owned

4.     New Business

a.     Land Bank Conference attendance.

b.     City of Oswego - Zombie Grant award

5.     Adjournment


October 21, 2016

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